Terms & Conditions


Capitalised terms are as defined in the Booking Form and Accommodation Rental Agreement to which these terms and conditions are annexed.

Where terms or conditions, defined in the Booking Form and Accommodation Rental Agreement, conflict with clauses in this Annexure A1, the terms or conditions from the Booking Form and Accommodation Rental Agreement shall apply.


1.This is a short term rental agreement between SUNSET-SEA and the Renter.

2. A 50% non-refundable rental deposit is required along with the fully completed booking form to confirm your booking. For bookings made less than 30 days prior to occupation a 100% rental plus 10% damage deposit with fully completed booking form is required to confirm booking.

3. The 50% balance of fees (along with a 10% damage deposit) is required 30 days prior to occupation. In addition to any pet costs as per clause 5.1.2

4. All payments are to be made in SA Rands, Euros, US Dollars or UK pounds as specified on the booking form, free of bank charges.

5. The residence may not be occupied by anyone other than the Renter and the Renter’s guests (including children).

6. A maximum of 8 guests including the Renter and children are allowed to stay at the property overnight.

7. A maximum of 2 medium sized dogs (no larger than a Labrador) are allowed to occupy the property at any given time.  Pets must be pre-arranged with consent prior to booking and at an additional charge.  Dogs must be on lead at all times when off the property to protect the fauna and flora of the area. All dogs must be up to date with all applicable vaccinations and flea medication. SUNSET-SEA reserves the right to request proof of such vaccinations and flea medications having been administered prior to your stay.

8. The alarm must be activated at all times when leaving the property and activated to STAY at nights. The small garden gate outgoing to the ocean must be locked at night.

9. Unless otherwise agreed in writing prior to confirmation of the booking, the property may not be used for any purpose other than private rental accommodation. No parties, events or loud music is allowed.

10. By paying the 50% accommodation cost you acknowledge that you are aware of the security cameras at the property both inside (entry, kitchen/lounge and pool deck) and outside the premises. As by law there are no cameras situated in bathrooms and bedrooms. Tampering or obstructing cameras is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate cancellation of your booking and request to vacate the premises.

11. There are security cameras on the premises located on the pool deck and around the house. Tampering with security cameras is not allowed. The renter must ensure that his/her guests including all family members are aware of such cameras while staying on the premises


12. The initial 50% deposit payment is refundable up to 30 days prior your stay and the 50% balance payment is not refundable. However, in the event of cancellation or shortening of stay SUNSET-SEA may consider refunds where those days can be rebooked, after deducting any costs incurred with respect to the rebooking and preparation of the residence. Should it be agreed in writing by SUNSET-SEA that dates may be moved any additional changes in seasonal rates or annual increases will be charged.


13. Arrival Time is at 3:00pm on the arrival date unless otherwise agreed in writing by SUNSET-SEA

14. Departure Time is at 10:00am on the departure date (unless otherwise agreed in writing by SUNSET-SEA). The residence must be vacated timeously for the cleaners to begin. All windows and doors must be secured and padlocked where applicable with security gates locked and blinds closed on departure. SUNSET-SEA must be notified to arm the alarm on departure.


15. The Renter is liable for any damage to the property, equipment or to the surrounding fauna and flora incurred by the Renter, and/or the Renter’s guests.

16. Neither SUNSET-SEA nor their duly appointed agents accept any responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage to persons or property of the Renter and/or the Renter’s guests and the premises including the pool is used entirely at the occupants’ own risk.


17. The Renter will be held liable for any and all damages caused by the Renter and/or Renter’s guests and/or their respective pets. Tampering with the household systems including but not limited to the alarm, camera system, pool pump, wifi and inverter. Should an electrician or other workman require to be called post the Renter’s stay due to tampering without permission these cost will be for the Renter’s account.

18. Breakages and damage, including stains, chewing and scratches (beyond normal wear and tear) will be deducted from the deposit and, should the damage deposit not be sufficient to cover the damage, the renter will be invoiced for the outstanding amount. Any unauthorized pets or guests will ensure full forfeiture of the Renter’s deposit. SUNSET-SEA’s discretion is final.

19. Damage deposits will be refunded 5 working days after departure. Subject to clause 18 and 20.

20. Where post check out cleans are done every seven to ten days, damage deposits will be paid after seven to ten working days post check out subject to clause 18

21. Bank charges relating to refunding of deposit to foreign bank accounts will be for the Renter’s account.

22. The agreement to which these terms and conditions are attached is of no force and effect unless confirmed by SUNSET-SEA in writing.


23. These T&C’s are valid for the duration of your booking. They may be changed at any time without notice. Please ensure you have the latest version.



Follow the link below to familiarise yourself with South African VISA regulations – this is vital to all foreigners travelling to and from South Africa. http://www.dha.gov.za/index.php/applying-for-sa-visa  


We strongly recommend that our guests take out travel insurance in the unlikely event their accommodation has to be cancelled for reasons out of our control. Rather safe than sorry!


The South African Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act) is designed to protect how your data is used, stored, and processed. By signing these Terms & Conditions I hereby acknowledge that our/my personal and in certain instance my special personal information are required by SUNSET-SEA in order for my booking/enquiry to be facilitated and I/we agree to provide such information requested from SUNSET-SEA, on the express understanding that:

1. This constitutes my/our consent, as required under Section 11(1)(a) of the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (“POPIA”).

2. The SUNSET-SEA support services staff and the finance department of SUNSET-SEA will access my/our information which has been furnished to them for the purposes of the transaction in which I am/we are involved and matters ancillary thereto.

3. SUNSET-SEA are authorised to release my/our personal information to the hosts of the short- or long-term accommodation, tour operators and other third parties in respect of which my booking or enquiry relates.

4. SUNSET-SEA do not intend sharing my/our personal information for financial gain.

5. I/we acknowledge that our/my contact details are automatically added to the SUNSET-SEA database and that SUNSET-SEA send out bulk emails to its database from time to time containing property news, listings and other service offerings from SUNSET-SEA and similar content. We/I are aware that I am/we are entitled to OPT OUT/UNSUBSCRIBE from these bulk emails by exercising the OPT OUT/UNSUBCRIBE options available on the email or by contacting the Information Officer of SUNSET-SEA with a request to remove my/our details from the emailer list.

6. In the event that our/my booking or enquiry involves a child or children, I/we acknowledge that I am/we are the competent adult/s responsible for such child or children and willingly supply their personal information in order to include them/him/her in the booking or enquiry through SUNSET-SEA.

7. SUNSET-SEA have implemented proper Data Privacy rules in respect of their management of client information as well as proper Internet Usage Rules and Cyber security principles in order to minimise the risk of my/our information being exposed to Cyber risks and I/we have had an opportunity to read through such Policies and understand that it is my/our own duty to protect our own internet and email connections against interceptions and viruses.

By payment of your accommodation cost you acknowledge your agreement with and acceptance of these terms and conditions.